What are the Real Effects of HGH on Women

Women have a few health concerns that are separate from men, one in particular, the ability to reproduce or carry a child. A resolution for this reproductive problem has come forward in the last few years, hormones(Human Growth Hormones). However, questions remain related to this innovative solution.

What is HGH?

The human growth hormone originates in the pituitary gland. Found primarily during childhood and adolescences during the developmental stages of the body. While bones are growing, and people are getting taller, it is plentiful in most. However, there is a lack of this hormone in some, and then underdevelopment occurs.

Some people are now using the hormone in other forms in an attempt to gain youthful restoration. However, this remains unproven. As of now, according to research, injections are the only reliable way to receive any helpful results from this hormone. The hormone brings fluids and muscles to normal levels and helps the bones develop adequately. In addition, sugar and fat absorptions are controlled in the body, thereby assisting the heart. However, HGH injections for women are for reproductive treatment.

When Should a Woman Start to Use Hormones?

Since this hormone is used in ovarian stimulation, women use this to increase fertility. Medical professionals suggest women take this injection for women six weeks before IVF (In-Vetro Fertilization). This seems to increase the possibility of becoming pregnant.



In 1985, HGH as a useful element of the reduction of stunted growth in patients was approved. It is utilized for the treatment of:

  • Prader- Willi syndrome
  • Turner’s syndrome
  • Human Growth Hormone Deficiency
  • Underdeveloped children
  • Chronic Kidney disease

Adult Uses:

Pituitary tumors
Muscle-wasting tissue disease associated with HIV/AIDs

There are those who claim the hormone is an effective product for reducing aging. However, the Food and Drug Administration has not given approval for this line of treatment. People obtain this medication from websites and Doctors who prescribe it for unrelated purposes. Products sold on these sites are ingested and do not obtain the results of injections. Only injections prescription injections reach the body system as far as certified research notes. When the hormone is taken into the stomach, it dissipates before it is absorbed by the body.




The idea of looking younger is appealing especially with a large portion of the population aging. This desire is not only for those wishing to look good but also for those searching for a better quality of life. However, using any drug without correct monitoring is dangerous.

People try to increase muscle mass by utilizing this solution illegally. If the element is taken from human tissue and consumed, it may bring on a fatal brain disorder (Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease) that mimics Mad Cow disease. The Hormone is sold abroad. Therefore, people go out of the country and get injections.


A user of injections for women will find this element helps those trying to lose weight do it more effectively. It also helps people trying to improve the elasticity of the skin by building muscle mass and improving bone density. This hormone helps the body improve the red blood cell count. Creating a better body environment that reduces heart disease, and intellectual decline. It is not all cure. However, it is quite promising.

Side Effects:

This helpful medication as all drugs has a downside, and should be managed carefully:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Nerve, joint or muscle pain
  • Raise cholesterol levels
  • Edema (fluid in tissues)

Building a healthy body is a conscious decision, and particularly important when infertility is involved. The HGH injections for women give hope to people trying to conceive with little hope I the past. Women and men are finding this to be a solution to the infertility problem. Some find it a solution to aging. The fertility solution does cost. However, many find the results worth the expense. It is clear this element requires qualified supervision and should not be treated lightly.


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