My virgin daughter is pregnant, the gynecologist’s answer is BRILLIANT!

Doctors have many fun stories that really happened in their offices. Most could fill books with these happenings. A family doctor shared a story that has just happened.

“At 14, she had a schedule with one of my older patients, Mrs. Gherman and her 16-year-old Joanna. Programming was urged to be urgent. The daughter was not feeling well.- What is the problem? How can I help you?- My daughter does not feel good at all. It has been fattened lately, it vomits in the morning and is very sensitive to odors.- Let’s see. Joanna, let me take your tension and listen to you. Within five minutes the nurse comes to get your blood. In 5 days we have the results and come back to control. Until then, Ioana, try to eat more fruits and vegetables, to rest and to avoid grease, fry and effort.

Mrs. Gherman was very worried. I already had a possible diagnosis and awaiting the results of the blood tests. My hypothesis was confirmed later. At the next check, I try to take her mother with ease.- Mrs. Gherman, I do not know how to tell you this, but your daughter is pregnant. In four months, I would say, but there must be seen by a gynecologist. I’m sending you a reference.- Pregnant? – Mrs. Gherman is shocked. My girl, she’s never been with a man. Is not it, Joanna? – She turns to her daughter.- Yes mom. I never kissed a boy.The situation had become ridiculous for fun. I went to the window and looked at the sky. I stayed like this for five minutes, when mother was revolting. She wondered if something had happened.- Lady, the last time it  was a pregnant virgin, a star appeared on the east, and three magicians started a journey. I would not want to miss such a rare opportunity. Mrs. Gherman changed her family doctor the next day. “


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Written by Carina Vali


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