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The Truth About Drugs and ADHD

You have probably heard horror stories of kids that are drugged to the point of being zombies because some teacher said they had ADHD and couldn’t come to school unless they were on medication. The child was too busy, too loud, disruptive in the classroom. The child was unable to learn even the most basic life skills, so how could he possibly be expected to tackle academics?

But how does medication help a child to settle and to focus? Is it possible?

And why on earth would a doctor prescribe stimulant drugs for a child who is already hyperactive?

What does it feel like to be that child? What must those children think of their parents, years later when it’s their choice to make about taking medication or not?

If you are interested in hearing the answer to that question, watch this video made by an adult woman whose mother put her on ADHD drugs when she was a child.


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Written by Blue Sailor

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  1. Blue Sailor he does have ADHD we don’t believe in meds the mind is too young and is still growning we have a different approach which has help him in so many ways. Not only does he have OT and ABA services. He keeps active with social activities. It makes him feels good and it counts ?

    • Does he have an official diagnosis of ADHD, Kathy? The two go together quite often.

      Sensory diet is amazing for kids who need it. And you have to be careful with any meds in autism. Even taking antibiotics or meds for pain and fever can hit them differently.

      When an autistic person needs ADHD meds, docs often prescribe something very different from the stimulants they give to people who just have ADHD by itself. With a lot of ADHD people, the problem is difficulty in concentration and focus. But most autistic people do that easily. So the issues are quite different.

    • I’m curious about what you think would help somebody control ADHD without drugs. Also, would you say the same if the person had diabetes, a thyroid condition, or schizophrenia? All three of these conditions involve a chemical imbalance in the body, just the same as ADHD.

      I think if we have no qualms treating other imbalances with drugs, there is no good reason to stigmatize treating ADHD with drugs.

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