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Tips for Lazy People Who Wants to Lose Weight

How many times you say that you start with a diet from next Monday or before an important event? However finally giving up because you’re not willing to put a lot of effort. But you do not need to make big steps to achieve the desired weight, you can do it by setting yourself really small targets. See how to get rid of excess pounds, even if you are lazy.

1. Unremarkable activityThe main rule for weight loss is simple – you need to burn more calories than you enter. Physical exercises are of great help, but most people often find it difficult to perform. Therefore, be active throughout the day and between everyday obligations. If you are looking at a series, do some push-ups or quivering. When washing your teeth, make a few breaks. Fitness coaches advise you to be active after each meal. In this way, the digestive process improves and calories burn more. Do not sit right after lunch and do not fall asleep immediately after dinner. Take 10 minutes, and after half an hour you can do several exercises.

2. Drink cold waterIt is believed that the taste of water depends on its temperature. Perhaps this is why most people love ice with ice. If you do not have any problems, always drink cold water. In this way, the body will burn more calories because it will try to heat it for better absorption. Perhaps this activity does not make a big difference (you lose about 8-15 calories by drinking a glass of water), but it helps a lot.

3. Short walksIt’s not that hard to move anymore. Park the car a little further from the workplace or take a walk after lunch. These activities burn calories and improve the work of blood vessels. Let these habits become your routine and you will notice that you will feel better.

4. Decrease the number of calories with applesApples, especially acids, stimulate the secretion of gastric acid and increase appetite. But if you eat an apple 15 minutes before the meal, the amount of calories that you have received during the day will be reduced by 150 to 200. Some nutritionists believe that the reason is that the stomach is partially full and others consider it because of the high amount of nutrients which speeds up metabolism.

5. Remove the food you can easily forgetMany people start a diet, but soon they give up. It is therefore important to start with small steps. First, remove the food without which you can live, but still eat it when you are bored or when you are under stress. If you can’t imagine life without chocolate, do not remove it immediately, but gradually reduce the intake.

6. Use the colorsThe color has an effect on our appetite and the most unpleasant is dark blue. Apparently, the food seems to be less tasty in blue dishes and therefore we eat less. Pink can improve the smell of dessert, white is neutral, and orange and yellow can increase appetite.

7. Consume vitamins that speed up metabolismHave you wondered why it is easier to get weaker in the summer? The reason is vitamin D that speeds up metabolism. If it is cloudy, you can enter this vitamin with fish, butter and eggs. Also, do not forget the chromium that lowers the level of insulin and reduces appetite. You can find it in fish, seafood, lentils and beans.

8. Use scentsSome scents have an impact on our appetite, and several studies have proven that. Supposedly when people smelled mint, apples, banana and grapefruit ate less. On the other hand, floral scents increase appetite. These include lavender, rose and jasmine.


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