The workout: Run for Dementia & August Running Challenge

  1. UCLA shirt by New Agenda by Perrin
  2. Waterproof sport runner fanny pack
  3. Shorts by C9 Champion 
  4. Shoes by Skechers Go Run Ride Nite Owl

Very rare that I use Humboldt Park as my out-and-back point during my run. Whenever I am in the mood to run out within the high traffic areas it is when I want to sort of show off: show others that I am sexy, fit and I know it, lol. Also show them that black men do run, hehe. How am I doing here? I will stop!

I did not take many pictures because this was a new run route, but best believe I will capture pictures of it the more I run it. This run was an out-and-back route that started at Humboldt Park located in Humboldt Park neighborhood with my turnaround point being in Wicker Park neighborhood. Other than dodging people obstacles, I enjoyed this route plus it had plenty of gorgeous women along it. My goal for all of the challenges I am competing in this month is to be at the half way point, or near it this weekend.

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