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The workout: August Walking Challenge

I got some walking miles in this morning at Union Park geared towards the August Walking Challenge. Last night, I gave it thought to go about the challenge differently versus the way I have been going about it. Since I am primarily a runner I would like to take on the challenge utilizing the run walk method which will allow me to cover more distance wherever I may go.

I ended up walking the majority of today’s walk because my leg muscles were sore from yesterday’s run. The sweet part about the walking challenge is that I don’t need a rest day like I do after a strenuous run, so I can take on more days of it during the week.  

This morning’s walk was a total of 3.41 miles, that started at Union Park, headed towards downtown Chicago. Not much of a scenic route until you reach downtown Chicago where it feels like you are engulfed by the city’s architecture, but I did overall enjoy it because it was a break from running, but still a workout.

After today’s walk I am sitting at 10 kilometers (6.21 miles) of 50 kilometers (31.06 miles) for the August Walking Challenge.

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