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I have been sleeping very well as of late. And it feel so good because I have not relied on melatonin in order to assist me with sleeping which I took while working overnight shift these past 6 months. I was thinking about it earlier, but I do not think that I could have done a year of working overnights. The money was good, but I have no interest in being bogged down for nearly a year doing it.

Anyway, I took a well needed day off yesterday from my yoga exercises and came back strong today. New exercises were, the camel, and the stability. The only thing hard about the camel was keeping my head back for the full 30 seconds, but other than that it felt great stretching my upper body. And as for the stability, it is what the name says it is, and my boney little ass held up during its light abdominal burn which feels exactly like doing planks.


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  • The bird
  • Warrior position
  • The pinwheel
  • The cobra
  • The bird
  • The camel
  • The pointer
  • The stability
  • The arc


  • 2.02 mile run
  • 20 Reverse crunches
  • 40 jumping jacks
  • 25 push ups

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