The Warrior

A couple of my inspirational/Motivational poems, both deal with life altering diagnosis.  The Warrior Within is more of a generalized poem dealing with any number of diagnosis and They Danced is a fictionalized account of a woman’s Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease

The Warrior Within

It is not an easy battle they face

But God choose them

For this fight

This race

They will fight

In all dignity

And strength

They will reach for

The warrior within

Discovering the strength

That the good Lord

Has given them.

The battles they face


But I promise you this

It could bring a grown man

To his knees.

It is facing changes

Facing loss

Facing the fight

Simple to breathe

Now they fight

Because they know

It's the fight that

Will get them through

And Jesus

Jesus is the one

Who can make them new.

So I write these words

May not only the ones

I wrote this poem for

But everyone suffering

Learn to seek

The Warrior Within

And may they fight this



Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


2:34 P.M PST

They Danced

They danced that night

At the beach

Forgetting for a moment

The doctors words

At first she thought

The shaking was something


Something that could be fixed

Tremors that shook her off her feet

And left her unsteady for hours afterwards.

The doctors word

Told her of a reality

She was not yet ready to hear

Parkinson's disease

It was a monster invading her

And slowly stripping life away

From her

Before long she would

Not be able stand on her

Own two feet.


They danced

Forgetting for a moment

This monster was invading her

She was two young to have

This disease

She had three daughters

Who needed her

She had to be there

To see them grow...


They danced

With the memories of before

Healthy memories

Where she could stand


And play with her kids.


They dance

With the way

Things had been...


Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


10:06 P.M PST


Author's Comments:

"The idea for this poem has been on my mind since last night, but the words would not come until now, lets not forget those who suffer from Parkinson's...."


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