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The first autumn rains

Hello friends

We just released season.

The red and ocher season, the rainy season, the shortest and saddest days.

But also the season of reflexes.

Where the puddles of rain turn into mirrors and reflect with light and shadow the wonders that we have around.


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#2 reflections of a church

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#3 lights and shadows

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#4 Rufo

Here is the season of umbrellas and boots.

That of going out to enjoy with the raincoat, no matter if it rains, water is life.

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#5 the street

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The drops are kept in things as if they were spiders, swinging to the sound of the wind anywhere.

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#7 too much rain

We are green thanks to the rain, the great gold of life, without it everything would be desert and death.

But as I say here there is a lot and it spurts from the mountain, almost making rivers on the sidewalks.

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#8 drops drops

The spikes of summer grass are filled with drops of water, countless drops, hung by tiny threads and glistening.

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#9 sewer

A simple manhole can be interesting, almost as if it were an island

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#10 red

Until recently green trees change the color to brown or red and the rain causes their leaves to fall by sowing the ground with beautiful colors.

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What do you think?

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