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The Connection Between Back Pain and Shoes

Easily one of the physical issues that affect most people is back pain. This is understandable in that the muscles of the body and the nerves tie in through the back. There can also be many causes for back pain. However, one cause that is often overlooked is the shoes people wear.

Shoes that don’t fit well or that aren’t the proper size have been shown repeatedly to cause back pain. It can be deceptive, too. A person can wear a pair of bad-fitting shoes for some time before they start noticing that their back hurts. This makes it difficult to associate the pain with the shoes.

When talking about bad-fitting shoes, it is also important to understand that we are talking about width, length, sole support, instep, and the bridge that goes over the top of the foot, which is both the throat of the shoe and the base of the tongue. Even the height of the heel can contribute to improperly fitting shoes and can lead to back pain. It is for this reason that high-heels very often lead to increased incidents of back pain. The high-heels force the calves up and the thighs forward in an unnatural posture. The back attempts to compensate, which leads to back strain.

There are many great remedies for back pain. The best solution, though, is to use preventative measures to reduce the back strain in the first place. This means that one of the most effective means of lessening back pain is to make sure that your shoes fit and are comfortable. It is also a great idea not to wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. This allows the shoes to rest and air out. It is also better on your back because if any portion of the shoe fits poorly, your feet have a chance to recover so there is less strain on your back.

Another excellent idea is to replace shoes before they wear out. The reason is that the shoes typically wear unevenly. A pair of shoes that fits perfectly when they are new will probably fit poorly long before they begin to actually look worn out.

If you suffer from back pain, especially in the lower back and in the shoulders, it could very well be that your shoes may be to blame. This is easy enough to test. Start wearing shoes that have the proper fit and see if the back pain starts to lessen after a few days to a week. If the pain starts to go away, you’ll know that at least part of the problem was in the shoes you were wearing.


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Written by Rex Trulove

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    • I’m also flat-footed. I have fewer problems with that now than I did when I was younger, but it is interesting to me that at least for me, that affects how wide the shoes need to be for a proper fit. Narrow shoes are downright painful to wear.

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