Taking a Break…

Tuesday, 12.4.18

Today, I woke up at around 7 am, and I realized my alarm clock is not working because it is doing weird stuff, such as the number looks jumbled and backwards. The time is always incorrect when I wake up, even though I always fix the time. So, I just unplugged it from the multiple floor outlet thing–I forgot what it is called. I remember buying it from Rite Aid, maybe early 2000s. As I got up, mostly to feed Gumby his breakfast, I realized I felt too cold and tired to go to the gym. So, I returned back to bed afterwards, and slept until noon. When I woke up, I felt refreshed of sleep. So, I probably needed the sleep. I watched the movie Rapture-Palooza as I was eating my brunch. It looks like an interesting dark comedy movie on the indie channel. Then, I remember I needed to do some stuff around the house. After taking my shower, I decided to change bed sheets, fix the time on my phone, and take down some laundry to the hamper. I should wash clothes this week, which includes doing some hand wash items. I should get some work done until 5 pm because I have an evening walking meetup today.

I added this recent snapshot because it reminded me of the Blair Witch Project During The Holidays…

I am learning from Gumby to sleep more often…


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