Survival of the Fittest

Nature has a way of ‘culling’  members of a species.  

Lemmings overproduce. When their population gets too high they race to find another habitat; falling off cliffs, drowning in large bodies of water, etc.  thus cutting their numbers.

People have a similar kind of ‘suicidal’ proclivity, although they don’t realise it.

There are groups which refuse vaccination, which leads to death.  This is good as these groups are unnecessary.

 Today there are those who  dismiss Covid-19 as a ‘hoax’  which helps to cull populations.  

A demagogue,  who has an excess population, convinces his followers that a pandemic doesn’t exist.  This enables them to can catch the disease, die and make resources available to the more intelligent and useful.

Every hundred years, or so, there is a ‘plague’  and millions of stupid people die.

It is survival of the fittest.  The intelligent, those who only take their information from reliable sources and are immune to the stupidity spouted by fools, will live.   The stupid will die.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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    • There are those who didn’t know about it, and were infected by someone who didn’t know s/he has it. But today, there are those who deny it exists, those who, like the Brasilian moron call it a sniffle, and like Trump who let it run.

      There is a difference between someone saying “Social Distance” to you and you nodding and stepping back, and another stepping forward.

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