Survival of the Fittest

Natural Selection is a law of nature.  Those creatures best able to survive do, the others, die.

When beset by a plague, those humans who recognise it and take steps to preserve themselves, survive, those who don’t, die.

A few years ago, when the ‘Anti-Vaxxers’  were at their peak, many people did not have their children vaccinated.

Their children caught measles and died.

In this way, the stupidity of the parents was not extended to the next generation.

Currently  a Corona Virus called Covid 19 rages over the globe.  

There are those who call it the ‘corny flu’ and take no precautions so will catch it and die so as no to pass on their limited intelligence to others.

The President of America encouraged his followers, extremely stupid sheep, to treat it as a ‘sniffle’ so that they would be infected and die.

The fact that America, alledgedly the most ‘advanced’ nation in the world has the highest rate of infection and the highest rate of death, despite their ‘advanced’ health care.

Other nations, ‘backwards’ nations have a fraction of infections and a fraction of the deaths.

This is because in many ‘backwards’ nations the leaders take Covid 19 seriously as do the people.

People self-quarantine, they wear masks, they social distance, they wash their hands.

Simply put, those who have to attend Thanksgiving Dinners and rallies in enclosed spaces, who don’t wear masks will contract the disease, and those who don’t will not.

The Vaccinations touted may or may not work, may have brief protective capabilities; may have side effects.  No one can be sure.

What one can be sure of is that persons who think it is a ‘corny flu’ and take no precautions should not survive and those who are careful, will.


What do you think?


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