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Strange Phobias #4

16. Somniphobia

I don’t know if they depend on sleeping pills to sleep. They are afraid of sleeping so it must be difficult for them to want to sleep or even take a nap.

17. Papyrophobia

This is the fear of papers. I don’t know how students who have this fear make it when they have to use exercise books in school (and their parents are unable to afford a computer or smartphone).

18. Podophobia

I rarely look at my feet but you can imagine the heart beating fast when you look at your feet because you have a fear of feet. Or, looking at someone’s else foot.

19. Leukophobia

Again, there are people who fear the colour white. I don’t know how they avoid white since it’s one of the most common seen colours.

20. Scoptophobia

I don’t like being stared at. I get uncomfortable. There are people who are good at staring at someone with unflinching eyes. Well, if you have a fear of being scared at, you have this phobia.


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Written by Benny


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