Strangely, I have never felt stigma due to my psychotic disorder. I am schizoaffective, and most of my family and friends know it. I am not ashamed of it. Why should I be? It’s not my fault. It’s not something I did. I didn’t WANT it.

It just happened.

And I live with it every day. Of course, I have been embarrassed by some things I’ve done and said while psychotic. I think it’s perfectly natural to feel this way.

Honestly, I like myself better than before I had my “breakdown”. I was selfish, materialistic,and snappy with people. Now I learn to treat people better. I know what’s important in life. I’ve learned to look at life in a totally different way. In some ways, I am now almost a different person.

I see myself

In a whole new way

the mirror

of my mind

shining inside me


behind me


I will be



What do you think?

Written by riverwild


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