Signs of Dehydration

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

I woke up this morning feeling dehydrated. So, I drank a lot of liquids, which includes water, herb tea, hot cocoa, some Gatorade, which is almost finished, and OJ with my vitamins. I also decided to take some salt intake, since I have natural low blood pressure and I don’t want that to go lower. So, I ate some of the Trader Joes crackers, which is now almost finished.

I made some oatmeal cereal for breakfast over the stove. And, I realized it tastes better cooked on the stove. I usually do it in the microwave because it is faster.

I decided to google urine color chart on the internet.

No color or transparent means that you are drink a lot of water and you might need to cut down.

Pale straw color means you are normal, healthy, and well-hydrated. It has a pale beige color, kind of off-white or neutral beige.

Transparent yellow means you are normal. It is light yellow color.

Dark yellow is still normal, but you need to drink water to lighten it. Sometimes, I get that color when I wake up in the morning.

Amber or honey means you aren’t getting enough water. Drink some right away.

Syrup or brown ale color means you have severe dehydration or liver disease. Drink water right away, and you might want to see a doctor.

Pink or reddish tint in your urine might have to do with eating reddish food, such as beets, blueberries, or rhubarb. If you didn’t have any red food or drink consumption, then there might be blood in urine. It could be a sign of urinary tract infection, or kidney disease, prostrate issues, tumor, or worse. See a doctor.

Orange means you aren’t drinking enough water. It might also have to do with consuming orange-colored food or drinks. But in worse-case scenario, it might have to do with liver or bile duct issues. 

Blue or green in urine is a rare genetic disease. Moreover, it could also have to so with certain bacteria infection the urinary tract. Or, maybe just eating blue or green colored food/drinks.

Some medications might even change the color of the urine, such as laxatives and chemo drugs.


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