Securing Your Wig in Comfort and Style

Many wig wearers choose to wear nothing underneath their wig and they feel entirely snug and secure. However, if your wig feels slightly loose, or you’d like a little extra security and reassurance, there are plenty of ways to ensure your wig will stay in place. At Josephs Wigs we offer wig fastenings and accessories, as well as high-quality wigs, which means that once you’ve found the wig of your dreams we can ensure it only comes off when you want it to come off.

Here’s everything you need to know about securing your wig in comfort and style:

Wig Caps

It doesn’t matter whether you have your own hair underneath your wig or not, a wig cap can be worn either over your hair or over the skin of your scalp. Wig caps are designed to stop your wig from slipping, hold your own hair in place, and keep your wig cleaner for longer, by protecting it from any dirt and natural oils produced by your own hair.

There are two different types of wig caps to choose from: Nylon wig caps and mesh wig caps. Both of these types of caps will perform in the same way, but if you have particularly long or thick hair then a mesh cap will be the better choice for you, as it will allow your hair to breathe and prevent it from becoming itchy and uncomfortable.

Wig Tape

It’s likely you’ve already heard of wig tape, thanks to the myriad of uses it has. Some women use it to hold low cut tops and dresses in place, to protect their modesty, whilst others use it to repair a dropped hem on the go. Wig tape looks and acts exactly like strong double sided tape, but it is much more gentle on your skin.

Wig tape will work best if you have no hair, as the adhesive tape will stick perfectly to your skin, but won’t stick to your hair (and if it did, it would be very painful to remove). One of the main advantages of choosing wig tape is how incredibly simple it is to use. Simply place the tape inside your wig, anywhere that it is moving around or that you would like extra grip and security. Wig tape can be cut to size, so you can choose the size of piece that you need to ensure a perfect fit.

Wig Glue

Some women are unsure about using wig glue and this uncertainty is understandable: after all, who wants to accidentally permanently glue their wig to their head? But wig glue isn’t like normal glue: it is a much gentler kind of adhesive that will secure your wig to your head whilst coming off easily. And any residue left on your scalp can easily be removed with water.

This is a solution that will only work on women without their own hair underneath their wig: simply roll the adhesive onto your scalp and then place your wig on top. When choosing a wig glue look for one with a gentle formulation; these will move with your skin and won’t stain your scalp. For extra security, why not use wig glue to secure your head stocking or wig cap to your head before you place your wig on top? That way, no matter what your day throws at you, you’ll never have to worry about your wig coming loose or falling off again!  

Bobby Pins

Looking for an easy and inexpensive solution that will help you to hold your wig in place wherever you are? If you have your own hair underneath your wig then simply pop a couple of bobby pins in your pocket. These handy little hair pins can be used to grip your existing hair and secure it to the inside of your wig.

The best thing about this form of support is that you can do it whilst you’re out and about, without having to take your wig off. Ideal if you’re insecure about others knowing that you’re a wig wearer. Simply lift up some of the hair of your wig (pick the fuller areas if possible) and stick a few bobby pins straight through the wefts of the wig, directly into your own hair. This will hold your wig firmly in place. You can also add pins around the outsides of the wig and at your temples, to ensure tht it won’t budge no matter what you’re doing.


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Written by Virily Editor