Scientist Discovered – In Artificial Arm Touch and Pain Feeling Skin

New York: Experts have developed electronic skin that feels a feeling of pain and touching in artificial armies, In this skin, called ‘E-Dermus’, the skin contain a censor. Those who wear artificial arm especially disabled people will feel touch and pain as well.

In this Special skin, rubber and special cotton are imposed in the skin, in which electronic censors have been fixed. Artificial skin TES (trans cavetence electronic nerve simulation) gives way to such a person’s feelings which is possible in only real human hands.

Phantom limb is such kind of feelings, and this is those people whose hands or feet have cut off they feel, just like they hands and feet are present.

Experts have written in their research paper, many people who suffer from the any body part feel stress and feelings on their chopped nerves which also contain some electrical sensitivity. Often these people also feel bearable pain. Wearing through this skin, a wearer can feel a touch feelings.

Says Nitish Thakur, professor of central scientist of this research. It is possible that the first time a disabled person has a high feeling of touching artificial skin, who feels like a real human hand.

Another bio-medical student, Luke Osborne, said, the electric skin fits in various types of artificial arms available in the market. By wearing it, when it was quickly inserted to an artificial arm volunteer, so he said that life has already begun in my own hands. In the next phase, it will be able to note temperature.

On the other hand, it will be possible to use it in the preparation of the dress of space nodes. This skin feeling is conveyed to the hands of straight hands, after which it can feel it.

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