Running – Jayne – 2

It was not simple for Jayne to save money.  They made little money.  Further, George usually paid the bills

However, today he wasn’t feeling well.   (It could be the sprinkle of rat poison she put on his oat meal.)  George gave her Jayne the money and the bills.

Today was the day.

This day was the day to get away.

She told George she’d pay the bills then stop at the laundromat.

He nodded, ran into the bathroom to throw up.  She  raced to the side closet,  grabbed her run bag, into the cart that appeared to hold the dirty sheets.  With the cart by the door, as soon as George came out of the bathroom, she helped him back to bed.

Then she went into the bathroom,  under the sink to get all the money she had hidden  in her sanitary napkin bag..

She had already gotten the stashed cash she had hidden in her old shoes, and the pockets of clothes she didn’t wear. Money it had taken her a year to gather.


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