Running – Jayne – 1

Jayne had wanted to run but knew that being caught would not merely be physical damage, but she’d never get another chance.

It had to be planned, careful, step by step.

First, she needed to store  money,  enough to get her far away.

Second, she had to find a place for her babies.

The second was easier than she thought.  Jayne and her husband hit financial problems and off the shoulder she said to George, “Maybe your mother could take the boys for a while. “

George would have barked something anti to Jayne’s pro, but he had been complaining how expensive the kids were and the distant way Jayne mentioned it had him agreeing.

Jayne knew sending the boys to George’s mother was wise.  She knew exactly what her son was.

Not that he had raised a hand to her, or even his voice, but the coldness, the sneaking, the lies, the attitude of superiority was well known.

Once the babies were gone, Jayne pretended it was a second honeymoon, and she did it so well George was fooled.

George really thought Jayne loved him.


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