Revitalize your confidence with a breast lift surgery

Building confidence in yourself is all about happiness and loving every part in yourself, involving your breasts as well. The stress of having flattened breasts might get you down. Lift yourself now…really!

A breast lift surgery also known as mastopexy rebuilds sagging breasts and gift them a more young and perky shape. The surgery facilitates the breasts by eliminating additional skin and tightening the skin around them to support the new shape of the breasts. The areola and nipple are moved to upper or necessarily higher position. Unwanted marks due to stretching are also removed during your surgery if they are a part of your extra skin in the area.

What’s the reason behind sagging breasts?

Age, fluctuations in weight, gravity and pregnancies are some of the major tolls on breasts to leave them saggy or elongated shape. With a breast lift procedure, you can rejuvenate your bust and enhance your confidence.

When does someone need breast lift surgery?

Some women are sorrowful with their sagging breasts but don’t have any idea about a procedure which can help them with their problems. If you are experiencing sagging breasts but you are unsure whether you are a good candidate for surgery, you can decide it on yourself.

There is a simple test you can go through at home.

Place a pencil in your underboob area and check if the pencil stays in place when you leave it as it is. If the pencil stays put, you might consider for a breast lift procedure. There are a few questions you might need to ask yourself…

  • Do you have larger areolas?
  • Do your nipples point downward?
  • Are you satisfied with your breast symmetry?
  • Do you have tubular or pendulous breasts?

You need to consider your general health and lifestyle too. As your breasts are impacted by your life changes, you should think of the right time to let yourself treat with a breast lift. It will be better if you have finished having kids and nursing so that you don’t risk affecting the results of your surgery. It will also be good if you stable your weight and be in better health conditions. If you smoke or use any nicotine-based product, you need to stop the consumption at least 4 to 5 weeks prior to your surgery.

For women with experiences of highs and lows in their life such as pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight loss, saggy breasts can cause common problems. Though, it might not be a bigger deal, having wonderful breasts can boost your confidence and you might start loving yourself again.

Comfort is the key!

If you have finished evaluating yourself, start considering breast lift as the best option. Why not book a free consultation with us?

Before you opt for a free consultation with our plastic surgeon, it is necessary to think about the shape you want for your breasts. It will also be great for you to have a look at the various procedures we offer at our clinic.

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