Remy Human Hair Extensions vs Synthetic Extensions

If you are interested in getting extensions you might be wondering whether it’s better to get Remy human hair extensions or synthetic extensions. Whether you’re looking for hair extensions for a special event like an upcoming wedding or prom, or to help you combat hair loss immediately after having a child, or just to give you options when you go out on the town, the same questions arise. To help understand the differences, let’s look at both sides by side.

What are Remy Human Hair Extensions?

Remy hair extensions are made from high-quality Virgin Hair that hasn’t been chemically treated. The cuticle layer remains smooth and provides the ideal natural template for coloring and styling. Remy hair extensions are widely recognized as a superior product because, in addition, the hair is sorted in the same direction of growth, creating tangle-free hair strands. This helps reduce knotting for a smoother, and more refined finished.


  • These hair extensions are extremely versatile and can be applied no matter what application method you choose. The flat weft design variety offers you the best flexibility to choose from.
  • Remy Extensions are very high quality and the hair typically lasts for a minimum of six months.
  • The extensions use virgin hair so they are very sleek and silky, with the look and feel of natural hair.
  • You can find a wider range of hair colours and styles, which enables you to choose from different textures, different styles, and different shades. There are no colour limitations and if you want you can match your natural shade to the hair extensions perfectly.
  • Remy products typically use multiple donors so that you get perfect, thick strands that are always thicker than regular, virgin hair extensions.
  • Ideal for everyday wear


  • There’s no official institution overseeing the labeling of Remy’s hair, so some suppliers might use the term even if the product isn’t as high quality.
  • Some companies may still process, usually by dying or curling, which can be a downside for some wearers who want a truly virgin hair.
  • They cost more than synthetic options but that is because the quality is higher, it’s softer to the touch and last much longer.

What are Synthetic Hair Extensions?

Synthetic hair extensions are made from synthetic fibers designed to look and feel like natural, human hair. The fact that they are made from synthetic sources means their production is easier, the styles and colours are available in a wider range of options, and the cost is lower.


  • Because of the synthetic nature, synthetic hair extensions will hold whatever style they were designed with. Most of these pieces come in a bouncy, curly style or a wavy style and whatever the style is it will not drop. That means when you buy a synthetic hair extension it can be worn right out of the packaging without any fitting, washing, or styling required.
  • They are resistant to rain, humidity, or other adverse weather. The hairstyle won’t change any matter the conditions outside unlike human hair which might respond to the weather the same as your natural hair by getting frizzy or losing its style. So if you get a synthetic hairpiece with bouncy curls, even in the heaviest of rain it will stay full of bounce.
  • Synthetic hair extensions don’t require any styling so this is perfect for someone who doesn’t have time to style hair in the morning or someone who’s not really sure how to style their hair. You can get a celebrity level hairstyle and walk around with confidence without needing any extra tools. Moreover, the synthetic hair extensions are very fast, are put into place easily, removed just as easily, making them perfect for new moms, working women in a rush, and any woman in between.
  • Synthetic hair is more affordable than human extensions.
  • You can use synthetic extensions for a single day, weekend, or special events like prom or wedding.


  • Synthetic hair might look and feel similar to human hair but it isn’t nearly as soft. It also takes on a slightly shiny or appearance than natural hair.
  • Most synthetic extensions cannot be washed or styled with heat as heat will cause the synthetic fibers to tangle or melt. This means you can only wear whatever style your extensions came as when you bought them. With only one style you don’t have the versatility of human hair extensions so you can’t go back and forth between different styles as you see fit.
  • You can only wear them for a short amount of time. Most synthetic extensions won’t last more than a few weeks, maybe a few months at best.
  • They can sometimes look tacky and obviously different from your natural hair if not carefully selected and attached.

So what are the other key differences between these two types of extensions, can you use tools to style them, and is it worth the investment? Let’s look at some comparisons:

How long will they last?

Remy Human Hair Extensions

6 months – 1 year with good care

Synthetic Extensions

1-3 months

Can I use heating tools on them?

Remy Human Hair Extensions

Yes. 100% human hair can be styled with tools the same as your natural hair can be styled.

Synthetic Extensions

Some synthetic extensions are tolerant of low heat settings, but most of the time you cannot use heating tools. It will melt the synthetic fibers. So you have to wear whatever style they came to.

How hard are they to maintain?

Remy Human Hair Extensions

Moderately hard. You have to deal with upkeep during rain or humidity, the same as you would your natural hair. So if you curl the Remy natural extensions before going to work, and it rains, they might lose their curl.

Synthetic Extensions

Not hard at all. Synthetic hair has pre-set styles, so it will remain in whatever style no matter the weather. But you can’t change the style either.

Can I dye my hair?

Remy Human Hair Extensions

Most Remy extensions are already colour treated, but you can dye them if you want. The chemical colouring on human hair means you might degrade the integrity if you choose to dye it again, but you run similar risks to the integrity of your own hair if you regularly dye or bleach it.

Synthetic Extensions

No, you cannot dye synthetic extensions. It will damage them and you won’t be able to wear them.


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