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Why Is It That This Plant Is The Most Nutritious Plant On Earth?

Moringga oleifera or the “MALUNGGAY” in Filipino is known to be the most nutritious plant on earth. Why is that so?

MALUNGGAY have almost all the vitamins, minerals and trace minerals that our body needs to be healthy.

Compared to other nutritious foods, it contains more vitamins. Like for example the vitamins C, it is said that it is 7x more than the oranges which is a source of the said vitamin. If we compared to the green tea, this plant is 2500 more amino acid.

Philippines is so blessed because this MALUNGGAY or Moringga oleifera is abundant.

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Written by Cassy Janine

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  1. Because we are neighbors, then in my country the tree also exists. We in Jakarta and surrounding areas called the tree “Kelor”. In addition to having everything you call above, in our area, Kelor has a unique ability, such as to disarm the supernatural powers of a person’s body, such as the magical power that makes a person can not be hurt by sharp weapons, and others.

    • Hi Leslie. We often cooked moringa as part of the main ingredients of any boiled viands.
      For me, most of the time when I boiled fish or pork, I add moringa leaves if the fish/pork is totally cooked and that’s it. You can eat it as your viand.

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