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How to Pick the Right Blush for Our Skin Tone

Ladies, have you ever asked yourselves how to pick the right blush for your skin tone?

I sometimes use blush. Ladies, what about you?

If yes do you agree that it is better to avoid blushes which are too dark or too bright for your skin color?

Do you agree that the right blush for you should be the same color your cheeks are naturally when you are really healthy?

Do you agree that you have to choose a blush color that gives you a natural healthy glow?

Is your skin fair?

If yes, you have to use beige and pink tones.

Is your skin tanned?

If yes, you have to use orange, apricot, peach and coral shades.

I recently read these tips in a beauty magazine.

Ladies, what blush do you usually use?

Thank you.

What do you think?

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