Physical Therapy Treatment Or Spinal Stenosis Patients

The purpose of this physical therapy is to decrease the pain and enable you to continue with your daily activities. Physical therapy for spinal stenosis patients includes treatment like physical or mechanical means like exercises or heat. This treatment improves the normal flow of the body, reduces pain in the soft tissues of the body, and builds strength in the body. A physical therapist is very particular about these treatments and will provide you with the instructions for quick recovery.

Physical Therapy Techniques Include The Following

●   Exercise reduces joint stress.

●   Education to improve and maintain posture.

●   Exercises daily to strengthen the muscles of your body.

●   Heat therapy improves the blood circulation in the body, which will relieve pain in the joints or the soft tissues.

●   Ice therapy to remove the pain.

●   Cycling and walking to improve the physical functioning of the body.

●   Aquatic exercises include swimming to allow uses of the body which any pressure on the spine.

Exercises And Techniques That Will Improvise The Patients Suffering From Spinal Stenosis Are As Follows

●   Strengthening of the lower limbs, which prevents the fall of the body.

●   Stretching

●   Pelvic tilts to remove pain from the back

●   Frequent changes of position to avoid fixed situations that can compress the spine.

●   Lifting, pushing, and pulling.

The doctor will recommend you with proper exercises to keep your average level of activity, physical fitness, and pain.

Typical Symptoms Of Spinal Stenosis Are

●   Pain in the lower portions of the body like buttocks, upper thigh.

●   Pain while you are standing, walking, sitting, etc.

●   Pain becomes worse when you lean backward and becomes less if you lean forward.

Thus to get relief from this spinal stenosis, you may be benefited from the physical therapy to help treat your back pain and the leg pain and thus improve your body flexibility to move about freely. Your physical therapist may use various treatments to help you in a better way and make you feel better in enjoying the usual activities.

One of the most important things that you need to do is to engage yourself in a daily exercise program which will keep you healthy as well as fresh. It will improve the flexibility of your limbs, your body postures to sit, sleep, walk, or cycling. Your daily exercise program will abolish the pressure of the spinal nerves and improves your pain in a better way. The exercise program helps in restoring the mobility of the spine.

Before starting with the exercises, you need to consult with the doctor regarding which training is preferable for you to do and is safe.

  Sustained Lumbar Extension

Many people suffering from spinal stenosis can get relief by doing the flexion exercises that bend the spine forward. This exercise opens up the spine and makes it flexible for movement. This position gently presses the soft lumbar discs and takes them away from the spinal canal.

●   Lumbar flexion in Lying

To start with this exercise progression lie on your back with the knees bent. Then bring the knees near your chest and grab them with your hands. Stay in this position for 2 seconds and then again bring back the knee to the original post.

●   Seated Lumbar Flexion

It is a bending exercise in a seated position. To perform this exercise, sit in a firm chair with both feet on the floor. If you need more pressure, then grasp your ankles a give a hug. Hold the position for 2 seconds and then release and bring it to the original post.

●   Standing Lumbar Flexion

It is an excellent exercise to treat spinal stenosis. To do this exercise, stand with your feet spread apart, and bend yourself slowly forward and try reaching the floor. Repeat this exercise 10 times a day. This exercise helps in eliminating the back and leg pains when you go for a regular walk. When you feel such pains when you are on the road, then start doing the exercise to eliminate the problems.

Final Words

These are some of the physiotherapy exercises that one can undergo to relieve pain. This is a type of spinal stenosis treatment by which you can keep the pain under control. This spine treatment is effective and helps you in eliminating the risk of operation, which may or may not be successful also. Thus before considering surgery, physical therapy is the best remedy for treating this.


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