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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Put On Healing Power Display At the August Healing School Session

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome kicked off the August 2018 session of his Healing School in front of thousands from all over the world in Lagos, Nigeria. The Healing School is absolutely free for anyone suffering from chronic or acute illness. All that was required is proof of illness in the form of medical records or a doctor’s note. Attendees were also encouraged to bring medical equipment as supporting evidence of suffering. Medical equipment could include wheelchairs, walking assistance devices, breathing apparatus or medications.

Attendees received a letter of invitation after signing up for the Healing School online or over the phone. This letter of invitation was critical for many entering the country of Nigeria as visa requirements insist upon a reason for a visit. Students from the United States, the United Kingdom and other European countries were visa exempt but received the letter of invitation nonetheless.

Students from North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia attended the event. They experienced healing miracles while being surrounded by those who have faith in God’s healing powers. Students witnessed Pastor Chris Oyakhilome manifested the Holy Spirit in order to drive out maladies of all sorts.

The students were also treated to testimonials from past attendees. One attendee was particularly persuasive. A football player by the name of Prince Enefiok claimed to have been healed from injuries sustained in a car wreck. The athlete was prohibited from sporting activities after experiencing chronic pain from his injuries. But, he claims, Pastor Chris was able to heal him in a past Healing School session. Now the footballer is able to participate in his favorite outdoor activities and he praises God for his healing.

Anecdotes like this keep students pouring into the Healing School every year. Pastor Chris puts on healing schools on an annual basis in Johannesburg, South Africa, and Toronto, Canada. The pastor takes God’s healing ability to people all over the world.

The motivation for the Healing School seems to be altruistic. The August session of the Healing School was absolutely free of charge to attend. Pastor Chris and his organization even helped those attending with visa requirements and accommodation. The Healing School’s website directed attendees to over a dozen affordable hotels in the Lagos, Nigeria, area.

However, students had to adhere to strict regulations in order to attend. Each student is required to attend classes that start at 9:00 a.m. every day. Classes lasted five hours with a one-hour lunch break. Students were also required to attend at least 18 days of classes after the first day of orientation.

Joy could be seen on the faces of many in attendance. The collective faith in God is a place where many feel comfortable divulging their deepest maladies. The atmosphere of faith has been demonstrated to turn around many hopeless situations. Many in attendance attested to the fact that they left with raised spirits and a new passion for life. Many claimed the easing of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, migraines, HIV and more.

Pastor Chris boldly guarantees that each bondage of illness is broken during his Healing Schools. He also claims that a restoration in faith will take place and hopes will be lifted.

The pastor runs a flagship TV program that has been viewed by millions across the world. It can be seen on many satellite services as well as land-based cable networks. There have even been testimonials from those watching. They claimed to have been healed by simply watching the program on TV. These testimonials only add to the reputation of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome as a powerful Christian faith healer.


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