Outdoor Yoga in Breezy Weather

Wednesday, 6.17.20

At 5 am, alarm clock Gumby woke me up because he was hungry. But I kept putting him on snooze because I didn’t want to wake up that early. I finally got up around 6 am and got ready for another morning yoga work at the park. I left at 8:30 am. I noticed the sky looked very cloudy and cool. When I arrived, I noticed it was breezy, which was nice because it felt good to work out with a cool breeze blowing. It felt like doing yoga on the beach, but we were actually on the grass. Around 10 people showed up. 

By 10:30 am, I was heading home. When I neared my place, I noticed sudden construction ahead, mostly many orange cones and one side of the street had new asphalt. I wasn’t able to enter my usual way. I had to drive around to the other end. They did a lot in 2 hours because there weren’t any workers in the street. They will probably finish off the other side, tomorrow morning. 

By noon, the sun came out, but there was still a nice breeze blowing. 


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