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Onion Magic – Replant the hair again in just two weeks

Hair loss in the present era is also common among young people as well as old people. However, not only fallen hair can be stopped by onion in the kitchen, Rather, they can also be saved from whitening before time.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, hair loss may also be a malformed disease. which is known as endrogenetic alopecia

In addition, hair loss also causes  due to the side effects of medicine and the hormonal changes. However, onion juice can prevent this process of hair loss.

Put the Onion juice on hair roots, this juice will help hair grow again, If the juices of onion are applied twice a day, the hair begins to grow again within two weeks.

Note : –

  • People who have allergies from onion, do not put onion juice on their head
  • If the onion juice smell is very high, add few lemon juice drops or rose water in it.


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  1. My, my I had never heard of that one. Onion juice for hairgrowth. Maybe I will give it a try because lately my poor hair has been fallen more than usual. Do you, by any chance, know if it is good for long time bald spot or newer bald spots? Just a question.