“One 30 second Exercise Kills Your Pain.”

After suffering excruciating and constant pain for years, and hundreds of visits to doctors, chiropractors and even an acupuncture practitioner, my back was not only in constant pain, the pain was starting to spread into my legs, causing cramps and tremors. I was taking a dangerous amount of Ibuprofen with no pain relief from it. It finally got to a stage when I was withdrawing from all forms of interaction with friends and family. The pain had escalated to an intolerable level.

Around that time, my thoughts were steadily turning to thoughts of suicide. Then it struck me! There was one particular muscle group none of the physiotherapists or fitness instructors ever mentioned, I just had to try working that muscle myself. 30 seconds after stretching that muscle, the pain instantly got dialed down by two thirds. It was working! Within a few days, I was able to resume everything I had put on hold. Here is that exercise, at no charge to you.


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