Oliver's Odyssey -50

As Oliver waited in the jail cell he called to the police demanding to be bailed.  They told him he’d have to go before the Court on Monday for a bail hearing.

He argued the issue that he should be given station bail as if he thought he was a lawyer.  The police smirked and laughed at him, then walked away.

How could this be happening to him?

Oliver was alone in a cell. Alone all Friday night. 

Saturday his mother came to see how he was, then left.  On  Saturday night a few drunks came in, and he was scared.

Sunday was five hundred hours long.

On Monday, he was brought to Court.   Wendy was there and didn’t even look at him.  

She had spoken to the prosecutor who was eloquent against him, describing his violence.

A trial date was set.  Oliver would be granted bail under specific conditions.  He was not to go near the house where his wife lived, not to try to contact her, or the children.  

If he did so, he would be taken back into custody.

Having been assigned a legal aid lawyer, when they came from the Court room, the attorney went over the conditions as if Oliver was an idiot.  Oliver wanted to fire him and do his own case, but didn’t, couldn’t.  He didn’t have much savings.

He was returned to the cell, and that evening, his mother eventually came to bail him, and dropped him at the house he had previous lived with Aunt Zel and her husband.


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Written by jaylar

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