Now Clean the Teeth with Digital Sound Power Brush

London: A company has announced changing the conventional tooth brush, that company has made a revolutionary digital sound power tooth brush, which completely cleanses the teeth in just 30 seconds.

This invention is on kick Starter and looking forward to financial support from the people. It is named as Cheez Truth Brush. Be updated that before the Ama Brush and Unico Brush were successful on the same pattern by public fund. But consumers expressed displeasure over it.


It’s a like a bataisi tooth brush, which is very easy to use and by designing it looks like it might work according to the same expectations. mouth paste is just like bataisi and its been designed just like that it touch all 28 teeths. Toothbrush is prepared in two different sizes.


The cheez truth brush is motorized with the sound and vibration and Brush fiber rubs teethes on unusual speeds 25,000 times in a minutes and turn the tooth paste in foam in a perfect way and the Odor between the teeth is completely cleaned.


Cheez tooth brush can be used once charged with any toothpaste for a period of 10 days , also, a wireless charger platform will be sold along with tooth brush. The introductory price of USD Dollar has been kept from $7 to 9 Dollar and its regular sale will be start in September this year.

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