When one recognises that an Abuser NEVER changes, no ‘chances’ are given.  One treats the abuser one knew forty years ago with the same expectation of evil and violence that was held then.  One never forgets that abusers focus on hurting their ‘victim’  to the extent they will hurt themselves.

Whether the Abuser swears he has changed, or says nothing,  hold to the fact that Abusers NEVER CHANGE.  They may have to adopt different methods, but the baseline is constant.

During the few days of Sara’s stay, Norman tried to annoy her. Tried and failed.   This is because Sara knew what he was going to attempt before she arrived in the city.

It was watching a movie she had seen before, so knew what came next.

Sara completed her business successfully in far less time than Norman  imagined.  He thought it would take between a week and ten days. Sara completed it in two days.

Norman didn’t appreciate that someone as obnoxious as him would be at the bottom of the pile, and one as engaging and likable as Sara would beat the top.

Having arrived early Sunday morning, attending one office on Monday, the other on Tuesday, Sara completed the task before three pm.

Sara,  totally aware of the nature of her once abuser,  claimed she wanted to sight see.   This is because she wanted to leave.  She knew evidencing interest in staying in the city, he would be impelled to send her away.

He booked a flight leaving early the next morning.


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