One must never give an abuser a second chance.   The term Abuser is generic.

The Abusive Husband whom the wife escaped from, is not singular.  Many women who get out of such relationships with one man, find another just like him.

The fact is, when as woman runs out and is free, it is more than likely she will enter another relationship similar to the first.

Even if the new man isn’t an abuser, her reactions to him, her expectations, are such as to cast him into the role.

When one leaves a boss from hell unless they go into their own business or a totally different field, the horrible traits developed go with them.

The Victim assumes s/he is to do various pointless things, and when these are not present, the nervousness preceding an insult session takes over.

One behaves as if s/he is being abused, even though one might not be, and the actual errors or correction is over blown, as the Boss from Hell is cast into this new body.

This is why one has to take the time to go over the horror so that one doesn’t do it again.


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