Norman,  the abuser, believing that Sara would arrive angry, was dislocated by her chirpy presentation.

She was not really tired.  She’s slept much of the day and napped on the flight. She knew, when she saw the time of the flight, exactly what ‘trap’ Norman set, and walked around it.

When Norman brought her to the dump, he assumed she would respond with some sense of shock.  How could he expect her to stay in such a tenement yard?

She didn’t.  She acted as if she didn’t notice the shoddy building, the crowded flat.  She behaved as if it were a mansion.

Again,  Norman, who had set his program, expecting particular responses, was put into pause.   He could not ‘retaliate’ when the ‘enemy’ did not act.

Thinking he had time to provoke her, he was thwarted by the ease in which she completed the business.

Then,  she, who knew him, suggested she stay a few days longer to sight see, calling out the name of places.

He,who must always deny her what she wanted, booked her return flight.

Sara came and left, untouched.

She had not given Norman a 2nd chance, although he might have thought her arrival was a red carpet for abuse.   Knowing him, knowing how he acted, and more importantly, how he thought, he got no chance.


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Written by jaylar

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