Having to return to the city where they had lived, Norman “kindly”  booked Sara a flight.  Although there were dozens, he chose the one leaving her city at 2 a.m.

This was to cause the greatest discomfort.

Unfortunately for Norman, Sara napped during the afternoon.  She had a friend drop her at the airport.  She napped in the departure lounge, then again on the plane so when it landed she was not at all  tired.

Norman arrived to collect her and they stopped for breakfast where she got into a conversation with the chef.   Norman said nothing.

He then drove her to a horrible tenement yard.  She had to press her lips together not to laugh in his face.

After all these years, this was the ‘best’ he could afford?

When she’d left him, forty years ago, they had been in financial difficulty; but lived in a slightly better flat. What was the  message he was sending?  That he had declined further,, or was it that he was trying to demean her by ‘forcing’ her to stay in this flop house?

Sara found him pathetic. He had disrupted his own schedule to be at the airport at that early hour, no doubt, stupidly thinking it would discomfort her.

Now, he would ‘punish’ her by making her stay in his flop house.  He didn’t realise how he had humiliated himself.

Had he even tried to fool her into believing he had ‘changed’ so as to have her drop her guard, this only made her stronger.


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Written by jaylar

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