Narcissists; Their Cruelty is Implicit – Part 13

A easy sign of a Narcissist is what can be called Blame Shifting.  This may be  passive-aggressive behavior, such as, “It is your fault we are late.  You should of made me get ready faster.”

Or it can be violent rage at the slightest injury.

Once the victim is captured, and the process of undermining is in place, there is an active attempt to meet the standards of the narcissist –standards which inevitably set the victim up for failure.

When failing the impossible task,  the victim is met with verbal assault, accusations and unfair comparisons.  This is to instill in him or her a pervasive sense of worthlessness and never being “enough.”

How did one go from ‘all that’ to ‘nothing much?’

How to recapture those times of feeling loved and valued?   This is impossible.  No matter what the award, no matter what the position, it is never enough.


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