Narcissists; Their Cruelty is Implicit – Part 11


This is the key to the Narcissist.   This need to get you alone, this need to impress you and to have you impress them.

You’ve just met this person, how have you gotten so deep so fast?   Are you telling yourself you are ‘soul mates?’   Are you bathing in the deference you are gaining?

Do you enter the relationship and feel prized?

And then, do you find yourself striving to please them?

As time passes in a relationship with a narcissist your need to please them is confronted by their need to be perpetually dissatisfied.

The narcissist cultivates your need for validation and approval early in the relationship.  You become dependent on  praise. You are conditioned to the excessive admiration only they can provide.

Having made you feel brilliant, insightful, able to touch their soul, they cease.  They begin to devalue you, your ideas until you are totally off balance.

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