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Narcissists; Their Cruelty is Implicit – Part 10

To give you a kind of pattern to expose a Narcissist, imagine you have just met this person at a cocktail party.

You’ve just met, yet are engaged in deep and pithy conversation, on some philosophical level.   Every other statement you have made has been ‘cherished’ by this stranger. They listen to you, they share, often their struggles, which makes them vulnerable and open.

The conversation is not typical cocktail party banter, it is in such depth that you are astounded.

This stranger is revealing secrets, I.e  they failed their course because they disagreed with Freud’s findings, or they lost their job because they didn’t support docking wages when employees were only 15 minutes late.

Why are they being so open?

You, you alone, are brought into their conversation. You are alone with this person. Maybe on the other side of the room, or outside. You, alone with this stranger, engaging in a’significant’ discussion.

If you are alert, if you listen to your ‘gut’ you know this person is a little ‘off’. You can justify and say;

“Oh they see things differently”, but if your gut is picking a signal, you are probably listening to a Narcissist who will, if let into your life, destroy it.


What do you think?


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