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Let’s just start off with I am not a licensed hairstylist; just your average Jane Doe sharing her experience.

Due to an unexpected haircut I have been trying to grow my once beautiful long hair back. Hearing how routines are great for the hair it was time to start one. Just a little hair background at a young age I could not stand having to get my hair done, so I managed to convince my mother to put a relaxer or perm in my hair. In my opinion relaxers and perms are the same, but again I did not attend cosmetology school so I cannot really say if it is or not.

Once I decided to stop getting perms it was time to get serious about my hair. It took some time, but the routine that is in place is set to help my hair grow – it is just a matter of time, patience, and products. The routine consists of wearing protective styles for two months and letting my hair breathe for a month. Growing up I did not like putting other hair in my hair, simply because it was just not appealing and there was no need to wear box braids, sew ins, and etc. Now, that I am older I see that those styles are actually protective styles if done right. My choice has been wearing wigs.

As many may know a wig does not have to be glued to be worn – do not get me wrong I have try gluing my wigs simply because I would not have to worry about putting it on every morning. However, the way by body heat is set up it just did not work out. Having my wigs glued on I would feel like I was going through the changes of life. Due to that gluing wigs was a no-go, but this is not me talking about the different wigs rather than the different hairstyles under the wigs.

When first starting I wore cornrows – the problem is my hair is color treated and I would leave them in for two weeks. Though I was moisturizing my hair it was not getting enough moisture. When the day came to take the cornrows out I would pull out so much hair to the point I would be on the verge of tears. So after doing some research and watching some YouTube videos. There was a YouTuber who showed how she did what I like to call the loose, tight braids or ‘plaits’. For color treated hair it was better on my hair, it helped retain more moisture and was easier to take down. As time went on there were days when I would want to wear my hair out, however, with the plaits I did not feel comfortable. Thus comes the flat twists. Ever since starting the flat twists it’s been easier to wear my hair out at any given moment. Usually I will leave two small buns in the back. Many may feel this could cause a bulge, but with the wig cap it helps flatten the buns so there is not a huge or noticeable bulge when slipping the wig on.

All in all, when styling your hair under wigs it is just a matter of what works for your hair. Many people do cornrows and do not face the issues I faced. As I stated earlier, my hair is color treated and anyone with color treated hair probably should try doing flat twists or loose twist (loose, tight twist) just to avoid pulling out any hair.


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Written by Dasia

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