Myths behind using a hair color – what you have been doing wrong

When it comes to the terms of beauty, there is an awful lot of myths floating around in the market making a troublesome for you to make your decision related to personal grooming. Even the simplest things like coloring your hairs can raise a lot of eyebrows and you will be getting a lot of made-up nonsense in no time. It’s hard to find from where these myths originate but it can definitely make you think for a while which should not be happening.

Finding it hard to believe, didn’t you hear from your grandma or any other elder that brushing your hair 100 times a day will make them smooth and stronger. If you believe it, you need some serious help because brushing your hair for a particular number of times is not going to add up on their strength or any other factor. It will make your hands stronger though because of repeated brushing. A lot of you might be laughing now as you know that there is nothing like brushing for 100 times a day has to do anything with the hair quality but there are a lot of myths associated with using hair colors of which you should be aware of. You might be amazed after having a look at these popular myths about coloring your hair. Here we go:

Coloring Hair Often Goes Wrong, Even In Salons

A lot of people things that coloring hair is some sort of rocket science and it is not able to color the hairs perfectly. It is believed that something will eventually go wrong with hair colors which will give a degenerate look to your hairs or leave a spot or hair comes out in different shades and a lot more things. It is hard to digest for many peoples get ammonia free hair color brands in India are providing a wide array of colors, dyes, hair powders that can provide a long-lasting and perfect looking hair color with great ease.

2. Coloring your hair damage them beyond repair

It is a myth that has been floating in the market for a while. Well, it is not entirely incorrect because some of the harmful chemical based hair colors can cause a lot of damage to your hairs. But these were the things of the past. If you purchase hair color from companies like colormate which is one of the leading ammonia free hair color brands in India, you need not worry about the hair damage because instead of using chemicals, these hair colors are built with natural ingredients.

3. Your hair color will fade very fast

It is complete lie because good quality hair colors tend to stick with hairs for a longer period of time and they look perfect even after weeks of applying them to your hair.

These are some of the common myths that are associated with coloring your hairs. So you need to be extra careful while coloring your hairs because you never know what myth you will be hearing next time you color your hairs. Well, there is no harm in listening as long as you don’t believe in any of this nonsense.


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