My hair’s out.

Your hair is dull, has lost its energy and seems to be running out of strength. Like you maybe… Don’t panic! There are solutions to reignite the light in your hair.

You’ve tried everything, but they always go back to being dull, shapeless, unbelievable! Besides, you tie them up a lot right now, don’t you? According to Chinese medicine, hair is born in the kidneys. Like them, they are linked to the water element. The vital energy of the body is stored in the kidneys. And when they are “empty” of energy (due to stress, medication or simply fatigue), it also impacts the hair. If they tarnish, it is because they are “suffocated” by an excess of sebum or because of poor oxygenation of the bulb… Yet the scalp, too, needs to breathe!

Every morning, massage your scalp with an alcohol-free energizing tonic from the nape of the neck to the temples, avoiding rubbing. Twice a day, brush your hair well to remove residues of polluting particles and nourish the hair with sebum. An energetic cut, carried out with a razor, will reactivate the blood circulation and promote volume and movement. A way to revitalize your body… and your head!

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