Mental Vs. Physical

There’s a friend who’s confused. He’s more mental than physical. One day, he’s panicking, because he’s clinching himself while he’s mentally working – by the way he’s an accountant – and then he goes, “I can’t handle it anymore I’m confused. Why am I overreacting?” He’s so intelligent and bored of his mind that he couldn’t get out of it.

Another friend told him, “Get out of your mind.” “How?” he asked. “Just realize you have a body.” “Crazy, of course I do.” “But do you have good relationship with your body?” “Well…” “See?”

He went ahead and exercise, go to gym, build his muscles, build his house, strengthen it. Months after his friend texted, “So, how are you now?” “Oh! Super awesome. I felt more connected to my body, to the world, to the people around me. I felt connected to earth. I feel like I am one of them. My relationship with my workmates become even better. My relationship with my family became spontaneous. It’s like magic.”

“Well, it wasn’t magic. You worked for it. You worked on yourself.”

Do you have the same experience? Mental and Physical must be balanced in order to feel complete and connected to the world.

What do you think?

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Written by Roselyn Mina

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  1. stress is mental and abdominal pain . being calm is another. balance it out through sharing. physical pains are timely mental are when ever you recall the cause. walk is the solution lfeet have points which helps remove stress. legs release happiness chemical while you walk.

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