Memories Are Not Hunting Me Anymore

In 2011, I had the chance to share my professional skills in one of the countries in Central Asia. The main mission is to transfer my soft skills to medical staff. They had an outbreak during that time. It is my pleasure to work with the local people and experience new things in my life. The medical mission was also covering the children with impairments or disability. I had enjoyed staying in this country for a year.

I am almost going to end the mission. The international NGO requested me to visit facilities for children with impairments or disabilities. I was so excited because it is my first time to hear about such institution. But then, the excitement had changed and in some way it is hunting me up to this day. You might be thinking differently.

The reason why I felt this way is seeing so many disabled children on the floor. I can’t even think straight while checking them physically. I caught off guard of the scene. It is also similar to the orphans’facility but the difference, they were disabled. At that moment, I need to push myself and try to hold back the intense emotions.

I suddenly remembered my country that disabled children are more taken good care of. The parents who never failed to let the disabled children be sent away. That’s the difference between what I had seen in this country. It was a really heartbreaking moment. Now that I am back, I will enjoy being lucky and tries to appreciate simple things in life.

The experience was worth and made me a better person. I thought that life should always have good things. I have awakened the fact life in other places are less fortunate. They wanted to uplift themselves but it takes a lot of time to reach it. I am not a prisoner of the past and be grateful for what I have right now.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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