Making Time for Myself

Monday, 10.1.18, early morning.

Although I went to bed earlier than usual, I soon realized I couldn’t sleep. I read a little from the novel I am currently reading, and I started feeling drowsy, but not sleepy. I finally decided, why fight it. I might as well get productive and do some boring housework. I went downstairs to fold clean laundry in a basket, and returned folded items in its place. I even reorganized one drawer, which brought me memories from the 80s and 90s. I finally went to sleep soon after.

I woke up early and got ready for noon yoga, but I decided to leave at around 11 am. I didn’t have time to do my usual treadmill workout. I stretched before yoga class, mostly doing jumping jacks and jogging in place. After one hour of yoga, I felt more energized. I walked outside to notice humid weather. It feels similar to Florida weather. But I walked with a refreshed outlook, like there was some kind of rebirth. Everything around me felt new for some reason.

I returned home and ate my lunch at 2 pm. Then, I decided to make a hole in a Thai coconut. I drank it with my metal straw. The coconut milk tasted so cold, good and refreshing. I broke the top section off to eat the coconut meat inside, which was also yummy. Then, I made a cup of Turkish coffee.

I decided to use the homemade mask that I got from some UCI students. It is made from coffee grinds and honey. It also states you can add milk, but not important. I didn’t have milk. So, I just added some filtered water. I put it on my face for 20 minutes. It felt like an exfoliator, in which I have always used, mostly buying St. Ives Exfoliator mask. I should save the coffee grinds after making coffee and use it for my daily mask. Exfoliator is good for one’s skin because it scrubs the top dead skin layer, before washing off with natural soap. I then sometimes use astringent. I am also using creams more often now because I am getting old and my skin needs more moisturizer now.


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