Makeup Can Leads Women to Breast Cancer – Research

Now a days , very tense news about emerging ingredients and chemicals involved in make-up every month. Now the latest news is that infinite beauty products involved in many other natural products, make-up and dangerous chemicals ingredients ruin the hormones of women’s body. Which can lead to breast cancer and heart disease.

Earlier, another research revealed that many of the hair coloring chemicals can cause breast cancer in women. However, Dr. Anna Polak, assistant professor of the University of George Mason University, and her team has done a survey of dozens of women.

According to the research report, urine reviews of 143 such women from 18 to 44 years were reviewed who used makeup. Experts said that make-up and beauty products contain chemicals like Parabens and benzophenone, which affect physical hormones, it also have hormones that help women to become a mother.

This is the first study of its kind in relation to make-up chemicals and reproductive health hormones, It seems clear that many chemicals and UV filters in make-up are reduced the reproductive hormones. While other chemical ingredients are creating more complicated.

Paraben chemicals increase estrogen hormone in the female body, and if the surface increases, the risk of breast cancer can occur.


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