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Julie and the Deathly Surgeon (Original) no


I can’t get enough of this YouTube video. Julie’s wisdom teeth have been extracted by an oral surgeon or dentist.

We do know that general aesthetic is administered because it’s quite painful to remove a wisdoms teeth. Additionally, some patients will become anxious which might make things worse.

With normal teeth – incisors, canines, molars and premolars don’t usually require stronger anesthesia. However, for wisdom teeth is a different case.

After the surgery, an hour or two and when anesthesia has worn off or is wearing off, the patients start behaving weird. Some go nuts, others become confused. Others become emotional and the patients feel sleepy. The patients will not have memory of what happened especially during the procedure. Afterwards, they regain all their memory as they’re no longer under amnesia.

The above video is very funny as Julie believes her wisdom teeth have not been removed. She tells her hubby not to pay because her teeth haven’t been extracted.

Enjoy the video and have a nice day or good night.

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