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It's Been A Day Full of News

My brother’s doctor called. Apparently Wednesday he goes in for a test where they put dye in his body to see what other things may need to be repaired during his open-heart surgery.  Then they have to wait a few days, test him for the virus and make the final decision on what must be complete along with replacing both valves.  No one is allowed in the hospital with him. One of my main concerns is his medication. He can not take the generic brands. Although they all know this every time we have had to bring his medication and constantly remind the nurses and doctors when it is time for meds they have to use the ones provided. We can’t be there to speak for him and he can’t speak for himself.

There is really nothing I can do about any of it other than worry and I am doing plenty of that.

It feels to me like if one more thing happens there will be a breaking point of no return. The anxiety and stress is just growing and growing. can only hope.


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