By the way, all of us have to face the Acne trouble in our lifestyle. Often, there is a problem of boils and pimples in the summer. This is due to the increase in pH level in our skin. Know about the measures to keep it balanced.

What is pH?

PH i.e. power of hydrogen molecules determines its acidic or alkaline tendency is found in any product. If the pH level is 1 or 2 then the product is acidic and if the pH level is 13 or 14 then it is alkaline and  If pH 7 then it is neutral.

Care of skin

According to the dermatologist, the pH level of the skin is between 4.4-5.5. If it is less than 5, then bacteria do not attack us from acidic environments and the skin is healthy but if pH 6,7 or 8 becomes a problem then problems like abscesses or pimples are started.

Acidic face-wash

Many times the patient has many hormonal tests to know the cause of acne but all the reports come in normal. In order to know the reason for this, with the help of an expert, the level of pH should be known and the acidic face-wash or soap should be applied only with the medical Expert’s advice.

Hair health

Head skin is less than PH 5. When pH of the skin of the head becomes alkaline, due to fungal infection, dandruff starts irritating you. Therefore use acidic shampoos to get rid of it.

Improvement in your eating habits

If you are really facing the problem of acne, abscess or dandruff due to increase in PH Level then add vegetables and fruits to your diet which is also known as an Acidic diet. Also avoid potatoes, rice, and fried food habits. It contains carbohydrates, which is part of the alkaline diet. Apart from all the above, a regular exercise can also balance your PH level.


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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

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