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Tuesday, 7.23.19

I am still on my hiatus, trying to get enough sleep to recuperate from dehydration and sudden prominent veins issue. I woke up around 10:30 am and performed my usual morning routine. As I was resting, I realized I had some errands to do. So, I went to the post office, across the street, to mail 6 bills. Then, I stopped at the mall Target for student, next door, where I decided to buy this very clear package tape to fix these 79 cards I made.

 When I went to the cash register, the girl stated that I have to use the self-service registers, in which I have never used before. So, that was a new experience. It is kind of like shopping via ATM, which is weird. Remember, NWO. They are creeping up toward the doomsday on One World Govt.

 I had driven across the street because it was midday and very humid, almost like a sauna, but for some reason the sauna is more relaxing. This weather is suffocating. I returned home, relaxed, and fixed 79 cards. Then, I ate my dinner and went for a walk in my neighborhood as well as across the street at 7 pm. I noticed it was still kind of humid at seven. When I arrived home at 8 pm, I realized I had a walking meetup at 6:30pm, and I completely forgot about it. Oh, well. Maybe, for some reason, it wasn’t meant to be.

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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  1. I understand and know how you feel. Here in the Outaouais valley, Canada, days in this summer 2019 can be very humid and muggy. I always become very lethargic then as if I am being crushed by this humidity. But so far we have not surpasssed last summer with a whopping 44 degrees Celcius with a humidex factor of 50 degrees Celcius that happened on the ist of July 2018. Last year was a record breaker for us. There is also the fact that I am getting on with years and that certainly does not help that feeling of lassitude which engulfs me in parts of everyday day life. Hope your vein issues are not too bad for you. Also hope you will have a better day today and tomorrow… That is a cute little hare in the grasss. We have a family of hares in our backyard. Even in the dead humidity of the day, I can seen them running back and fro to try to get some very green grass under the shading trees… They are so cute but I am always too slow to catch them in a photo or video…

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