Innovative Pharmaceutical Packaging Design Ideas

The pharmaceutical products are of great significance for the users and they are consumed by people of different age groups for the removal or eradication of several ailments or illness of human beings. These items are prepared in high tech laboratories by mixing various chemicals in a specific proportion. These sensitive and fragile items are protected from any sort of damage or loss with the help of the proper medicine boxes.

These containers are manufactured by keeping in mind the types of items that are going to be packed inside them. it is because the healing drugs are available in numerous forms including solid, liquid spray etc. Hence, the covering of these products must be in accordance with the products. Various innovative and creative ideas can be applied to these containers to tempt the target audience and to facilitate them as described below:

Dual Containers

One of the most used pharmaceutical products are syrups that are in the form of liquid. These products are traditionally packed by using a glass bottle that is in the shape of elongated cylinders. These bottles usually have a lid that protects the items from pouring out as well as from the contamination that might occur due to the hazards of the external environment. It is because the lid of this medicine box can be made airtight and thus, the physical, as well as the chemical nature of the drug, can be preserved.

But glass is a highly brittle substance and it might be broken due to accidental falls, mishandling or negligence by the users. That is why these glass bottles can be placed in the containers made up of cardboard or other thick substance in order to prevent any sort of damage or loss. This innovative design is instrumental in creating a sense of security among the buyers and they feel safe to consume it.

Use Shiny Foils

Another innovation that can be executed in the packing of pharmaceutical items is the use of shiny foils in the manufacturing of the custom packaging boxes. These foils are beneficial from two major aspects. The first is that they are responsible for providing protection to sensitive drugs because they are made up of aluminium. Aluminium is one of the rarest metals in the sense that it does not readily react with the substances they are in contact with.

The second major advantage of this foil is that it enhances the display of the products. It is quite natural that the observers are easily attracted towards anything shiny and bright rather than dull and boring. These foils are usually wrapped around tablets to make them secure from damage and to elongate the life span of the pharmaceutical products. They are water repellent and are also effective in protecting the stuff from artificial as well as natural rays of light.

Details of The Products

As the pharmaceutical items are chemically prepared, it is quite obvious that they would lose their original form and genuine effect after a particular period of time. Almost all types of drugs have a well-defined expiry date. This date can be written on the custom printed boxes by using modern printing technologies. Other than the date of expiry, the name of the company, price of the stuff and various other instructions can also be written on them to make them facilitative to the consumers and prevent any sort of severe consequences.

Make them colorful

It has usually been observed that pictorial or graphical effects are not added to the coverings of medicines. Thus, the manufacturing companies are always looking for other methods through which they might be able to influence the minds of the customers in favor of the company and tempt them to buy the stuff.

This can be done by applying a colorful theme to the cardboard pillboxes. These containers are specifically manufactured for the storage of tablets. The use of cardboard as a forming material is instrumental in providing protection to the stuff. But it is also important from the point of view that it can be shaded in any required theme to inspire the observers.

Smart Packing

The advent of the latest printing technologies has brought about a revolution in the packing of a vast range of items. The smart packing also finds its uses in the covering of the pharmaceutical products. QR code can be pasted on the medicine boxes as a symbol of innovation in the field. This code can be scanned with the help of mobile phones, laptops or other electronic devices with great ease and the audio or video message encased in it can be tracked down.

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